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1100 Litre Flat-Lidded Drop Front Waste Containers

1100 Litre Plastic BinDimensions:

Colours available Grey, Blue, Green, Brown, other colours on request
Nominal Volume 1100 Litre
Dead Weight/Useful Load 50 kg / 440 kg
Overall height 1,354 mm
Overall width 1,373 mm
Overall depth 1,073 mm
Upper edge comb 1,206 mm
Material HDPE, UV Resistant
Standard EN 840 (1997) certified & revision 2004


  • Includes individual drop-fronted section in front area of container designed to open and allow handling of waste.
  • Stronger, redesigned body
  • Reinforced base, wheel housing and comb construction
  • Flexible lid to resist maximum strain
  • Less wear and tear - increasing expected lifetime
  • Improved emptying due to redesigned and steel reinforced trunnions
  • Reinforced and protected hinge arrangement
  • Universal, easily interchangeable parts - requiring fewer spare parts in stock
  • Smooth surface in the base area - to make cleaning easier
  • Lid less susceptible to wind and rain
  • Four safe and ergonomic handles - exchangeable
  • Improved and repositioned drain plug
  • Lid side lip for automatic lid centring
  • Improved health and safety characteristics
  • Ready for use with recycling apertures and various options