• Compliance with current legislation
  • Waste volumes for transportation reduced by an average of 4/6:1
  • Significantly reduced collection visits and associated costs  
  • Improvements to site cleanliness, hygiene and manual handling
  • Odour and infestation problems easily addressed with PDE sealed compactor solutions
  • 100% sealed and leakproof systems for sensitive waste materials
  • Uniquely manufactured in special steels
  • Exclusive Smartpack LCD operating technology
  • Distinctive, smoothline designs
  • Increased payloads offering revenue streams for recyclables
  • Smartkey secure operation
  • Available as fully integrated systems
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Hotels & Leisure Waste Management Products

A major, international Hotel Operator, after careful competitive considerations, appointed PDE as the successful Waste Compaction Equipment partner to serve their national portfolio of properties from 2000 onwards. Since this appointment, PDE have installed 100% Sealed Waste Compactors, type PD725 and PD731, in over 30 of the Group’s UK operating Hotels.

PDE Geesink Compactors have helped to improve back-of-house waste controls and replaced wheeled bins emptied daily, with 100% Sealed Waste Compactors emptied on average once per fortnight. Working closely with the Group’s appointed Waste Contractor, PDE has achieved cleaner and more efficient handling of wastes and recyclables, producing collection and cost reductions annually, with savings of over £150,000.00.

The Group’s investment in PDE equipment was measured at £75,000 annually from 2002 and this investment continues to make a return in the region of 200% of the value.

In addition to controlling costs, PDE has reduced the Group’s carbon footprint by nearly 100%, this was achieved by using Smartpack LCD technology to visually show on screen, the Compactor filling and therefore stopping each Compactor from being emptied when they are not full.

Let PDE assess your needs for reduced collections and improved handling, by calling us now on 01386 860023 or by email on sales@pde.uk.com


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