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> Products > Semi Automatic Bailers > PD450H Semi-Auto Mill Sized Baler

1100 litre bin press

Semi Automatic Mill Sized Baler

Quality Specification

  • Cycle time approx. 70 seconds
  • 1400mm x 1050mm Feed opening
  • 50 Ton force
  • Twin cylinders and 7.5 kW motor
  • 5500 kg in weight
  • Simple controls and magic eye start up
  • 4 wire slots-top tied
  • Long penetration to help prevent spring-back
  • 3 metre cable steel wire armoured plus plug
  • Gate end baler with hydraulic door opener
  • Dimensions of 5380 mm long, 1750 mm wide and 1750 mm high (with no hopper)
  • Bale weight: 500 kg cardboard
  • Turnbuckle rear door
  • Large open, 3-sided, safety loading hopper

Optional Extras

  • Larger power pack to increase speed
  • Integrated trunion type bin lift to 2m with full safety cage
  • Pressure switch over 30 to 50 ton force
  • Interlocked side access door
  • Trip bar for manual feed
  • Pressure overload system on door clamp
  • Hydraulically opened gate door

Electrical Requirements

Customers Responsibility to Provide: a concrete base level, approximately 200mm thick and on one plane, together with 3 phase 415v 32 amp electrical supply to a switched isolator with earth and neutral. This is to be no further than 3 metres from the compactor installation.