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Local and Regional Authorities today are faced with the growing volumes of waste being taken into their Civic Amenity sites (Household Waste Centres). The continued increase in waste volumes generated by these public sites has meant that this sector must consider the many benefits of both Portable and Static Waste Compactors to increase payloads and reduce the operator’s transportation costs.

Given the above needs, a leading European Waste Contractor approached PDE to provide a solution for its contract in the Midlands, with four separate Civic Amenity sites. PDE looked at the operational benefits of all equipment before choosing to provide the flexibility and performance benefits of 18, Portable PD731 32 cubic yard Waste Compactors, for the client.

The introduction of these units has produced proven savings on transportation and allowed better management of the sites, which are rural in the main. The PDE equipment compacting at approximately 4:1 volume reduction, means that the operator needs fewer vehicles for this contract and can exchange compactors from one site to another.

The compactors are now loaded by the public in a safe and efficient manner and accept waste streams of general waste, green waste, cardboard and mixed recyclables (cans and plastic bottles). PDE has continued to invest in developing their products for all high volume markets and as such offer a range of compactors to work at Household Waste Centres and Waste Transfer Stations.

Waste Transfer Station compaction solutions are a particular specialty of the PDE Geesink product range. We have many successful transfer station operations in over 20 different countries with road and water transportation systems designed to have minimum impact on the environment.

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