Food Industry Waste Management Products

The challenge facing today’s Food Processors, Manufacturers and Operators is primarily governed by a huge amount of new legislation focusing on Hygiene and Waste Management.

A major global confectionery manufacturer with a number of operating plants based in the UK, appointed PDE as the successful Waste Compaction Equipment partner serving the needs of their main site in the West Midlands. Since this appointment, PDE have designed and installed a bespoke-engineered static compaction system, Type PD1800, complete with built-on bin hoist and rear access platforms at dock level. On completion of this turnkey installation, the equipment has enabled safe and efficient loading at two separate levels. The PD1800 is fed by 1100 litre wheelie bins full of general wastes at ground level, whilst dry waste materials are loaded directly in the safety hopper from the rear platform at 1400mm, by using powerful PDE compaction technology. The client has seen an impressive increase in payloads leaving their site and a reduction in cost, transportation and carbon footprint.

The huge increase in environmental pressure on this market means that PDE Compactors and Baling products are being increasingly specified, particularly the use of our 100% sealed Portable Compactors, which are able to out perform most other similar systems. PDE feels perfectly placed with it’s product range to impact positively on infestation, leachate, smell and site cleanliness.

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