Hospital Waste Management

In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service is charged with continuing to improve its waste minimization, pre-treatment and segregation of waste materials, prior to disposal or recovery.

PDE has worked closely with its client, a large NHS trust based in the Greater Manchester region, to reach these goals. Having surveyed the main four Hospitals within the Trust, PDE was selected to provide their market-leading 100% sealed waste compaction units, to each site.

The PD731 Compactors were chosen to replace several skips and rear-end-loader containers on each site which were regularly being emptied, despite having very little volume and payload in them. In addition to maximizing payload with the PD731 Compactor, the Trust has removed nearly all the manual handling and double handling of wastes during collection.

Having required three to four collections per week of several skip containers, the Hospitals are now averaging just one collection of a PD731 Compactor, which delivers a six to eight tonne payload. This has led to sites which are cleaner, odour free and with waste that requires little handling prior to compaction.

A number of 1100 litre wheelie bins are positioned across each Hospital for local collection and then delivered to a centralized area for emptying by the PDE PD731 Compactor with bin hoist. Each bin requires no more than 20 seconds to remove its contents into the compaction chamber.

The continued partnership of PDE and the NHS Trusts in the UK, has seen over 50 compaction units of this type installed, and now delivering waste reduction benefits together with cleaner, improved handling of waste, saving both on cost and transportation.

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