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PDE is a successful partner to not only Owners, but also Management Companies and Service Providers with UK Property Management, Retail Park and Shopping Centre Portfolios.

Many new and existing Centres, such as the White City Development in West London, have chosen Equipment produced by PDE Waste Technologies. At White City, five new PDE Portable Waste Compactors, type PD731 32 cubic yard capacity ‘fully-sealed’100% leakproof and complete with automatic bin hoist systems, for handling 240 litre to 1100 litre waste containers.

The client, a major Global FM provider, chose PDE because of its vast experience and track record in producing long term, successful Waste and Recycling Equipment strategies for segregation, reduction, handling and transportation.

The operational Wasteplan for this innovative and ground breaking Development, took into account the exceptional levels of fashion and food offering of the scheme. PDE advised the client, specifying Waste Compactors which are market leaders in the safe and hygienic transportation of food contaminated wastes and general materials. The PD731 Compactors from PDE means that only four compactor collections per week handle all of the scheme’s general wastes. These materials, together with cardboard, are taken to Materials Recovery Plants (MRF’s) for maximum recovery and reuse were possible.

The Waste Strategy produced by PDE and the client has proved highly successful for White City and in addition the future needs of the Environment have been considered and improved by this positive approach.

PDE are experts in accessing the needs of Equipment solutions for greater control of Wastes and Recyclables, and offer a free consultancy service to all prospective clients. Please call PDE today and ask for further information on the wide range of products able to impact positively on Wastes and Recyclables within your Shopping Centre or Retail Park.

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