PD731 Portable Waste Compactor

PD731 Portable Waste Compactor

The fully sealed, twin cylinder PD731 22.5 cubic metre, high performance Waste Compactor, produces the ultimate compaction performance within a totally enclosed unit. The Compactor is attractive and clean line, whilst having within it a high performance hydraulic compaction ram system that produces over 34 tonnes of compacting force. The large filling opening and charge box means this compactor is capable of handling bulky wastes, such as cardboard, general wastes, broken pallets, retail and commercial arising’s. The unit is fitted with retention teeth to reduce the ‘spring back’ potential of some products, whilst having a 100% leak proof and fully welded construction. Manufactured uniquely in special steels, the PD731 sets the highest standards that most other UK manufacturers strive to achieve. Ask PDE about the flexible purchase and rental options available on this product.

Technical Specification

Total Capacity

20 – 22.5 Cubic Metre

Compaction Force

340 Kn

Stroke Volume:


Ram Penetration:

450 mm

Compaction Ram Area:

500 x 1950 mm

Filling Aperture:

1700 x 2050 mm

Loading Height:


Cycle Time:

38 Seconds

Electric Motor:

5.5 kw

Electrical Supply:

3-phase 415v 32 amp

Weights: Regular

5022 kg

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