PDE Roll Packer

The Roll Packer Compactor from PDE Waste Technologies uses a rolling drum with sharp metal teeth to crush, tear, rip, wooden pallets, crates and cable reels in large open top containers.

Prior to compaction, most containers have large voids resulting in only about 20% of actual capacity. The PDE high compaction rate allows for significant improvement in utilisation with rates as high as 80%. This dramatic improvement means containers need to be emptied less frequently resulting in fewer trips which equates to less collections and thus fewer greenhouse gas emissions from the vehicles used for transportation.

The rolling drum, which weighs over 2 tonnes to aid in compaction, is attached to an articulating boom which moves it from one end of the container to the other and back again crushing and compacting a full load.

An intuitive control panel provides the option of manual operation, continuous operation, or timed operation (up to 30 minutes). Unlike other compactors, the PDE Roll Packer accepts additional waste even during the compaction process. Alternative drum configurations, including different teeth geometry or patterns, are available to maximize compression rates based on the type of items disposed.

The PDE Roll Packer require only a concrete base takes up minimally more space than the container itself. They are suitable for municipal waste facilities, distribution centres, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

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