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The option to buy or rent a refurbished compactor is generally a matter of practicality across all types of facilities. The amount you are willing to spend depends a great deal on how, and how regularly you intend on using it.

The truth is that they can hold the same benefits as new compactors, except at much less of a price.

So, let’s go over some of the benefits of renting or buying a refurbished compactor.

Lowered Cost of Investment

It stands to reason that a pre-owned compactors costs less to invest in, but do you know exactly how much of a saving you can make from buying or renting a refurbished unit?

To give you an idea, we at PDE Waste Technologies sell refurbished waste equipment at between 30% and 50% less than a new unit, which is a substantial saving for any business.

Now, you might think that a margin this large must come at a hefty cost to what you get for the price, but the condition, value, warranties, and upkeep, are negligible, if not at all affected.

While we are on the topic of cost, there is something to note about the sell-value of a refurbished compactor. A refurbished machine would never have the same sell value as a new one, but in terms of its long-term depreciation, the restoration keeps its value fairly steady.

Lifespans Are Not Affected

A major concern for any investment is how long it will serve you for and is often one that puts people off the idea of refurbished equipment.

Truth be told, that is precisely the reason why the compactor is being refurbished in the first place – to give it many more years of reliable service.

Restorations are comprehensive and are done with the goal of restoring the compactor to its original condition in terms of performance, appearance, safety, and yes… lifespan.

Warranties Intact

If you are concerned about whether you will receive a warranty with a refurbished compactor, you need not. PDE will give you a warranty on them that is just as comprehensive as the ones you get for new waste equipment.

Access To Maintenance

Whether brand new or used, compactors require maintenance every 6 months, so having someone who you trust to maintain your machines is important.

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